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Discussion on: Awesome Full Stack Python Resources

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Jannik Wempe

Thanks for that great article. Nice overview for beginners and more advanced people :-)

What would be your goto stack? As I see you only use React and Angular? You use these as Frontend and Django as backend? How would you couple them? Would be happy about comments, recommendations or even another article. Thank you!

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Max Ong Zong Bao Author

Good question, my goto stack will be React (Huge amount of developers who knows it & React Native) & Django (Batteries included with a single way to do something & security focus) to get started from the ground up.

Which REACTify Django by Coding for Entrepreneurs or Full Stack React Django by Traversy Media will be my goto choice for tutorials.

For scale especially if you are using AWS and adopting serverless, it will be Zappa created by Rich Jones.

Which you could look at his kickass ending keynote for PyConSG 2019 Serverless Lambda and Beyond that he talks in detail about it.