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Awesome Full Stack Python Resources


When I first decided to learn Django. I relied on tons of Youtubers who had created tutorials to help me get started.

Which leads me to pick up Two Scoops of Django (this was one of my best investments).

Besides taking a Udacity React Nanodegree course and watching videos on using Django.

Now as years goes by I would like to revise this list of bookmarks for anyone.

Who is just starting out to help them get started on their journey as a Full Stack Python developer.



Especially when it comes to freelancing with Python and he offers tons of useful Python videos to get started.

I have been a long-time fan of his videos on careers and the daily hustle and grind of being a developer.


  • HTML - Mozilla Developer Network - It's a great place by Mozilla for references related to various web development.

  • W3 Schools - One of the oldest web developer website that I rely on in the past on learning HTML, Javascript or CSS.

  • HTML - Tutorialpoint - A website that is similar to W3Schools. Which provides a basic and simple to understand examples.


  • CSS Tricks - I heard of tons of recommendations for this so I believe it might be a good resource for web development and not just CSS to start.

  • CSS Garden - Mini game that helps to teach you to learn about CSS grid

  • CSS - Mozilla Developer Network - All in one resource to get you started with the basics of CSS


  • ES6 - Udacity - ES6 is one of the popular and adopted versions for Javascript. It's good to know to help you to understand the code that is newer in StackOverflow or otherwise.

  • Javascripts - Mozilla Developer Network - Javascript basics to help you get started by Mozilla Developer Network.

Front-End - The Face of Your Website

  • CodeSandbox - This provides an online editor that allows you to start front-end development without spending time to set up your development environment.

  • React JS Crash Course - He curates useful tech conference videos that I love in the area of Python & Web Development.

  • 2019 Front-end Developer Crash Course by Gary Simon - One of my goto Youtuber for front-end web development and design-related videos.

  • DesignBetter by Invision - It's not specifically front-end development. but it has tons of resources about building your own design system and other front-end related designs for your websites.

  • Design Systems by Emma Wedekind - She provides a simplified and direct two-part tutorial series on what is required for building your own design system.

Back-End - Chaos Tuck in a Nice Package

I would recommend this if Django is your specialisation you are planning to work on.

Besides that, they are one of the maintainers of the Cookiecutter which helps you to get started quickly with Python


I hope that these resources could help you to become a better Full Stack Python developer.

If you have a better suggestion on the resources for learning full-stack Python.

Please feel free to leave your comments so that I could check it out for more useful resources for other Full-Stack Python developers.

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jannikwempe profile image
Jannik Wempe

Thanks for that great article. Nice overview for beginners and more advanced people :-)

What would be your goto stack? As I see you only use React and Angular? You use these as Frontend and Django as backend? How would you couple them? Would be happy about comments, recommendations or even another article. Thank you!

steelwolf180 profile image
Max Ong Zong Bao

Good question, my goto stack will be React (Huge amount of developers who knows it & React Native) & Django (Batteries included with a single way to do something & security focus) to get started from the ground up.

Which REACTify Django by Coding for Entrepreneurs or Full Stack React Django by Traversy Media will be my goto choice for tutorials.

For scale especially if you are using AWS and adopting serverless, it will be Zappa created by Rich Jones.

Which you could look at his kickass ending keynote for PyConSG 2019 Serverless Lambda and Beyond that he talks in detail about it.

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

I used that same stock image for a post on another site recently.
I don't have anything particular to say about your article, I'm just here to give a shout-out to ticky-box pictures. Hola!

steelwolf180 profile image
Max Ong Zong Bao

Hahhaahaha I use Unsplash to search for article pictures so far it's really good & pretty.