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Great tips. I especially agree with your points of making small amounts of progress everyday and coding the first part of your day rather than the last part. Someone once described our brains like a flower vase. We can hold a large amount of knowledge (water) but can only allow so much in at one time, or over a period of time. (Like the narrow neck of a vase)

One other encouraging point I would make is that it's okay if you get burnt out, we all do. Missing a day or a week even is okay, but get back into it afterwards. Don't let missing a day be an excuse to give up. If you fell down a stair you wouldn't throw yourself down the rest of the stairs, you'd get back up and keep going.

To anyone struggling, hang in there. Remind yourself daily that the goal is progress not perfection, and progress is a marathon not a sprint.


Yes you're totally correct, burn-out is inevitable in many people's cases. I think there are strategies on minimizing it by taking the long/slow approach though. Even with that, there will be times that you just need a breather from coding all together.

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