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First week of the year

First full week of the new year. My kid returned to school for one day by the end of the day they had announced school would be closed for the next two days for winter weather. Snow and sleet were expected to hit during the am rush hour and then stay below freezing. Sure enough it started snow during normal school drop off time and snowed all day long.

Had to pivot plans for the week. Mostly read stuff and did a lot of networking.

I watched BekhaHW's Cypress speech, Mission Impossible Prep: Testing with Cypress link, Cincinnati Software Craftsmanship. It was a great example of some the cool things Cypress can do.

I worked on some content update for a site I manage. No heavy coding just updating text and some links. Users needed new information for the new year.

I finally got to attend a virtual coffee session after having conflicts for the past few weeks.

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