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Discussion on: My new Side Projects Stack

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I use Go, Redis and MySQL for all of my backends. Using Bulma on the front-end. One of my winter learning side-projects will be a project to help me learn Vue.

Are you using Cloudflare Argo tunnel to expose your side-projects on your dedicated server to the Internet? If so, you might want to check out my side-project :) I write Packetriot ( and it's built for developers and self-hosters.

You can host any number of services, serve static content and upstream app servers (no need to setup a separate web server for that), and it will manage certificates from Let's Encrypt for you. You can use custom domains as well.

You can deploy it as a container as well, which might work well since you use Docker and containers quite a bit in your stack.

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Stefan Wuthrich Author

I don't use Argo until now but will have a lock on Packetriot right now