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Discussion on: [Rambling] What does it mean to be a software engineer?

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Jacob David C Cunningham Author

Yeah I've heard of svelte(and like a year ago or so Reason ML).

That is concerning to me the rapid innovation of new languages. Although arguable "JavaScript is JavaScript". I think I saw a snippet of Typescript before and I was like "what is that?" Possible the author was doing some short hand notation or something but it seemed visually foreign to me.

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Zane Milakovic

So TypeScript has a lot of benefits. The biggest thing with TypeScript is that it is a super set of JavaScript. They try to adhere to the future specs of JavaScript, while also adding optional strict typing and some additional things like templates and enums.

It can make it weird to look at. But you can pick and choose which new features you want to use pretty easily.

For a start, trying running regular JavaScript code through the TypeScript compiler. It does a good job at pointing out logic flaws and potentially unsafe code.

Svelte is really nice, because it is a compiler not a framework. So you work in a component fashion, which developers have really adopted. But then, you can work in something that looks like plain JavaScript, html, and css with a few new features. And it saves a lot of time, and produce a very fast and lightweight frontend.

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Jacob David C Cunningham Author

The thing with Typescript too and I guess it depends where I am but I don't really see much demand for it. It seems like "an ideal case" for most companies like using GraphQL over regular REST.

I don't think I'm at the point yet where I can say what code is optimal/best other than time to run.

I am vaguely aware of Svelte so I'll have to read up on that. Thanks for the info.

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