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Discussion on: Is it possible that the software industry could become nearly 100% remote?

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digital services/products are more than just the code and the developers (sorry all!). There's a lot of work done by business analysts, researchers, sales etc, which benefit from face to face meetings, before it even reaches a delivery manager and the developers.

I suspect there is a social benefit to coming into an office/place of work to catch up with your (hopefully friends) and shoot the sh*t before getting down to the code.

In terms of just devs, I reckon it's possible whether or not they want to is up to them.

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Frank Szendzielarz

In my experience the typical corporate office is full of exactly these types of people, whose working lives consist of nothing but protracted meetings, and whose actual usefulness is much lower than they would like to think. Corporations would do well to slash many of these types from the payroll, and limit meetings to 30mins max and no more than a few per week

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