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re: I am not sure why (HR) people decide to structure interviews that way; I was discussing with other devs recently and it makes no sense at all: ok, ...

god, let me read! I like it! 🤣

I think even before I solve problems I ought to understand what needs to be solved 🤷🏻‍♀️

The background knowledge is like a toolkit, you don’t know what you can use if you don’t know even know about it. I have a feeling you’re overestimating the amount of “core” I know since the first time I heard of sorting algo or binary tree or o(n) was in interviews.

I agree I lack practice. I just got my adhd under control so it’s been wonderful for learning and doing. Back when I didn’t, I could never read top to bottom let alone hold onto thoughts.

Feel free to read, but in due time you need to build automatism like a professional athlete or chess-player.

I don't think I am over-estimating much, I see you have plenty of shortcomings (this discussion came from one of them, didn't it?), but I also see that you have a good understanding of a lot of stuff and that you practiced with commitment.

That is more than enough in my book, so I would still recommend to practice more as a first step; the drive to read and do more comes better after you see implementations of such a knowledge.

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