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a friend of mine bugged me to chip in on a kickstarter for an open-source yubikey alternative, and it has turned out to be one of the best purchases i've ever made. no longer am i held hostage to the whims of my own stupidity when it comes to poor infosec - though i suppose i might change my opinion if i ever happen to wake up after a particularly celebratory night to discover i lost my keys and keychain :P

it works very well for me as i am not a very organized person, and i think maintaining a centralized password app requires a degree of discipline. alongside that is my personal experience with dashlane - which might rival firefox's "allow notifications?" as one of the most downright annoying things i've ever had to put up with on a desktop. like alot of folks i know, i keep my keys - and my usb 2fa - on a caribiner, so (knock on wood) it's pretty convenient on top of the physical layer of security it provides. despite it not being widely accepted yet, it does work with google, and that's all i need to access alot of my services thanks to SSO logins and whatnot.


Oh nice, the Yubikey is awesome! I really want one but honestly, I'm ditsy AF sometimes and would probably lose it.


that's why you should get two :D one that travels with you and one in a safe place at home

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