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Hi Lorenz Pasqualis,

thanks for the tip for the 'm brace rca'.
I have too CTS on both hands, to counter this inflammation I am on the advice of my doctor fish oil capsules (omega-3) 3000 mg, three capsules a day (in the evening after eating). After two weeks (min), not even lifting a glass of water, I felt better again. Then I did not take this capsule for some time and the pain came back. Fish oil prevents DHA deficiency and has anti-inflammatory effects.

This inflammation of the carpal tunnel, can fixed by some minimal surgery too.

To time I can use a normal mouse and the Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600.

To test CTS quickly, place the palm of your hand facing up slightly and tap the palm of your hand with one finger of the other hand. If there is an impulse in the thumb, forefinger and ring finger (and possibly the other fingers) in the overstretched hand, you have CTS. It can get worse, but it does not have to.

Have a nice day and all the best.

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