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Is this based on something or just opinion? Django was pretty cool twelve years ago and I'm sure it still fills a niche for those few users actually building web sites using python, but #1, really ... ?

I'll believe Rails remains popular. So #2 is probably defensible but at this point if you are doing server side MVC, maybe it is time to consider something from this decade before it is over. I've abandoned ruby six years ago and rails was feeling pretty stale already then.

Your #3 another python framework. This one a bit more obscure. See first comment.

Number 4 Spring Boot, I use this. It's fine and definitely appropriate for enterprise stuff. But for 2019, I might be tempted by more lightweight frameworks on the JVM. E.g. KTor is starting to look pretty nice and you can do that natively as well if you want.

This is where the article seems to end. Given the first half, excuse me for not bothering with clicking that link. I'm pretty sure I'm going to disagree with the rest of your list as well.


How? Node.js (Express.js) backend ecosystem is far behind from others like Laravel, Rails, Django. Most fear able thing for me about Node.js is blocking whole server if I start crunching on database records. If I can not crunch on my database data then what I can do with that? Thanks.

I dont know much about it but said this due to its popularity and now a days mern or mean stack is in the market


A lot of people don't realize that Pinterest is primarily built upon django and django rest framework.

Have they optimized the hell out of their stack?
Oh of course they have. They have blogged a decent amount on their escapades on scaling python and Django. Their requests at one point were so optimized, they disabled the garbage collection built into python because it was better to just let the process end since the request was done.

Django has done a lot in the last few years to keep up to date and has actually done really well.

Yes, I have used Django, no I don't use it anymore for various reasons. But it is still very relevant in the python ecosystem. Easily still the most popular framework next to flask.

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