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I am a product engineer and have helped build software from small startups, to manipulating hundreds of millions of data points. I write API's and make tools that make developers lives easier.


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Software Developer at Self Employed

#watercoolerName my new WiFi

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#discussWhat are your favorite python tips you don't see others use?

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#discussDo you have an inner monologue? Some don't.

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#discussReact/Vue components are just server side template components with worse performance. Change my mind.

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#discussHow do you respond to "What is tour greatest strength/weakness?" In interviews?

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#discussWhat are your favorite tools/libraries for writing TypeScript

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#discussHow has failing made you a better developer

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#discussWhat are your best tips for writing technical blog posts?

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#discussWhat is your opinion on websites with dark themes?

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#discussWhen do you crosspost for visibility and SEO?

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#discussWhat tools have you built?

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#discussHow do you handle imposter syndrome or thoughts about changing careers?

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#discussWhy are you using Rust for web development?

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How I manage my dotfiles using GNU Stow

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#discussAfter learning Go, what made you stay with it rather than use a different language?

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#discussWhat is the most influential programming language you have learned?

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#discussWhat are your favorite terminal apps or scripts, to use for productivity?

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The Programmers Oath

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Hi, I'm Shawn McElroy

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