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Announcing WheelJS - The Future of JavaScript

This is simultaneously hilarious and deeply depressing.

Why & How I built - A life story.

Not only truly impressive, but inspirational in its executi...

#100DaysOfPython Day 2: Functions, Scope and Best Practices

Good stuff. Keep going! Since you're discussing best pract...

#100DaysOfPython Day 1: Hello World, Data Types & Strings

Welcome to Python.. Good luck on the 100 days!

So is going to charge attendees in future - what's next for event organizers?

Not to minimize the impact of this policy change, but... I w...

What are some funny O RLY? "books" you've seen?

Wow! Scraping Wikipedia content With 10 line of code!

I was just about to suggest the same. +1

What do you use for password management?

Started with mSecure in offline mode for many years, then e...

How NOT to ask for help

The gold standard on the topic:

My Favorite Linux Tools

I have tried an ungodly number of note-taking/organizationa...

What playlists do you listen to when programming?

Unobtrusive electronic music. Here's an example. Here's wh...

Live Coding vs Imposter Paralysis

Good luck! Looking forward to your twitch adventures. If ...

Using Git Tags To Version Coding Tutorials

Not sure why I always neglect tags, but clearly I'm missing...

Ditching Sublime for VSCode

For my part, I still use Sublime alongside VSCode. VS code...