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John Carroll

This is a request for volunteer assistance, though not necessarily open source volunteer assistance. It's mostly directed at anyone with a connection to Uber / Lift / Etc:

I volunteer regularly at a volunteer center which has a senior transportation program which organizes free (volunteer driven) rides for low income seniors who can no longer drive but need to get to doctors appointments and stuff.

There is a huge need for this service in our community (way more demand then supply), and there are similar volunteer programs around the country.

I'm helping them upgrade their entirely paper based management system to "some kind of better one" (undecided at this point), which very likely will make use of technology in some way (probably a filemaker app or a firebase app).

It would be awesome though, if one of the crowd sourced ride sharing / hailing companies took it upon themselves to support volunteer use cases. Our program has almost no funding, so a paid service is out of the question, but if we could use a ride sharing / hailing platform's coordination software for free, to coordinate rides for low income seniors, that would be a huge win for us, for seniors, for volunteers, and programs like us. It would also be clearly within the transportation driven mission of whatever corporation sponsored the project, and it would be a huge PR win for the corporation.

It's also just the right thing to do.

Anyway, this is just a long shot idea, but please reply to this message if you're someone who's interested in learning more / making this happen. I'm about to step out, so any replies will probably be delayed on my part.