Who's looking for open source contributors? (October 1st edition)

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It's #hacktoberfest, so several folks have spun up similar threads. Follow that tag to keep up with contribution opportunities from the community.

Anyway, regarding this thread:

Find something to work on or promote your project here.

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

Happy coding!


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Fathom Analytics, an open-source and privacy friendly alternative to Google Analytics is built on top of a Golang & Preact and always eager to welcome contributors.

We've labeled a few issues involving either Preact or Golang with #Hacktoberfest.


I definitely have my eye on this one as an option for us in the future. Will try to find some time to make a contribution.


Hey Ben, that'd be awesome! But also; seeing how much you're already contributing to open-source and the community in general, don't sweat it! :)


How does Fathom compare to Piwik/Matomo?


It's the same idea at its core, but Fathom aims to be a tad more opinionated & simpler to use. Also Piwik doesn't scale that well for heavy-traffic websites without throwing a lot of hardware at it.

Fathom is built in Go and only tracking aggregates, allowing it to run on surprisingly little beef. Benchmarks have us handling up to 20.000 pageviews per second on a single-core server while using less than 100MB of RAM.


Directus is the leading open-source headless CMS and API for managing custom SQL databases. It's been around for 14 years and is only a few days from releasing its fully decoupled version 7.

The Directus Suite is comprised of an App (vue.js) and an API (PHP). We have a team of contributors around the world who work tirelessly to provide this free yet premium software – but we're always looking for more help. With the latest version only a few days from release, we still have a lot of bugs to squash and enhancements requested by the community. We'd love your help!

In addition to the Hacktoberfest shirt you get from 5 PRs... if you successfully close one of our GitHub issues we'll send you a Directus shirt too!

Hacktoberfest Issues

We hope you'll consider giving us a hand!


Deffs gonna bookmark this one #doubleshirt 👕👕 👻 🎃


Hi, all!

Mike and I have made some progress towards our open sourcing of Heupr - we've cleaned up most of the old Issue cards and have reorganized all of the documentation. We're planning on meeting this weekend (hopefully) to finalize some stuff but we're hoping to officially open source the codebase in a few weeks!

Heupr is a machine learning-powered platform to help manage open source software projects on GitHub. It's written entirely in Go and we'd love to collaborate! Our roadmap includes stuff like building more feature models, changing some architecture, and even (potentially) building a Slack bot and dashboard UI (desktop or browser). Reply to this message or shoot us an email at heuprHQ@gmail.com if you're interested!


are you looking for devs with experience in go and machine learning? Currently I'm learning both, could be a good thing to learn more. I'm a senior full-stack javascript and .NET, python enthusiast. If you have small tasks related to Golang I would like to help.


Any level of experience is welcome! Mike comes from a .NET background and I come from Python but we both love Go; we learned a lot about the language working on this project and you can definitely get involved anywhere you'd like. I'm in the process of writing some initial Issue cards for our codebase rebuild so there will be both bigger and smaller tasks to handle for sure.

Cool, I'm interested! I will send an email.


Just out of curiosity, did you roll your own ML library or did you use an existing one? Judging by the website you have a recommender system and a text classifier, and seeing the Go code for that could be very instructional for quite a few people :)


A little bit of both. We used a few libraries/APIs for some of the core stuff but we hand-built the logic for pre-processing the training/prediction data. We're still learning about it ourselves and we'd love to have more people onboard learning as well!

Just out of curiosity, why did you chose Go for this task? I've done several different NLP over the last 10 or so years, and it's really rather hard to beat Python in regard to available libraries (or even Java with OpenNLP).

Great question! We chose Go for a couple of reasons.

The first is Mike and I wanted to learn and the idea of the relatively young, productive, and powerful language that is Go appealed to us.

With regards to machine learning, you're definitely right - compared to Python the libraries are fewer, but they are there. We tend to believe in the longer-term expectations for Go in machine learning given Google's strong support for the language as well as the Go APIs available for things like TensorFlow and the NLP services; I would bet the trend continues in that direction and libraries will pop up as a result. In our project, we kept things as simple as possible, given we're focusing on applied machine learning, and opted to hand-roll components as necessary.


I want to contribute to open source projects which are fresh (not too old) so that I can understand about it much better. Please suggest few. My tech stack is python, nodejs, react ecosystem (nextjs, gatsbyjs too)


Checkout Jelly Fin, built by @sublimegeek . Follow dev.to tag #jellyfin


We are doing two projects, but focusing on one. We're actively looking for contributor for our web app that uses Vue.


Hi, I am primarily a Vue.js frontend dev and could take a look at the Vue project, have a link?


Hi! We're looking for contributors.

Cogear.JS is a static websites generator build with Node.JS and based on Webpack.

It's framework agnostic, so it doesn't depend on React, Vue, Angular, etc, but they can be plugged in via plugins, which enhance Webpack config with proper loaders.

Github repo: github.com/codemotion/cogear.js

There is a bunch of useful tools for Cogear.JS here:

We are looking for contributors for the following points:

  • Writing plugins (to enable React, Angular, Ember, etc.) Look at Vue.JS plugin: github.com/codemotion/cogear-plugin-vue
  • Creating themes
  • Tests coverage (w/Jest)
  • Refactor, refactor, refactor.

We're also looking for project representatives all over the world.

P.S. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch tutorials and learn more.


Hey folks 🙌

I am working on new features of my WordPress Theme Directory approved theme viz. Sandalwood. I need help regarding Customizer API from collaborators, who can contribute from it's GitHub repo on following URL:

GitHub logo ihtishamzahoor / sandalwood

Built for WordPress Theme Directory. Sandalwood is a modern blog theme which provides an easy way for individuals and organizations to create a catching presence online.


Sandalwood is a modern blog theme which provides an easy way for individuals and organizations to create a catching presence online. Sandalwood comes with beautifully crafted sections to engage the audience and includes features like flexible-header, custom-background, custom-logo, custom-menu, featured-images and more.

Features via Customizer Opitions

  • Site Icon displays as logo in top-right corner
  • Sidebar with "no sidebar (default)" and "right" options
  • Header Image with Title & Subtitle options on front page
  • Header background color
  • Header text color

Featured Images

  • Provided as an option for Posts and Pages

Widgetized Areas

  • Sidebar

Sandalwood License

Sandalwood WordPress Theme, Copyright 2018 Ihtisham Zahoor Sandalwood is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


Sandalwood is based on following third-party resources:

Screenshot Images


It would mean a lot for me and would give me confidence to keep contributing to open source, if you guys could have a look and help me improve it.

Thank you! #Peace ✌️


Hello Ihtisham,

It's my pleasure to contribute.. :)


Hello Ihtisham,

I want to take a look and help you to improve the theme, but I see that your latest pull request was 8 months ago. Are you still interesting?

Kind regards,


Hello Vasilis,

I'd love to have you on board. Feel free to reach out for any suggestion/improvements regarding the theme.

Hi Ihtisham

It is my pleasure! I just clone the repository to my github and I will try to make some pull requests. From your side , do you have any suggestion? Do you want to communicate with each other by choosing a specific way?

Kind regards,


That's great that you've already started. You can find me on skype by my name, drop me a message anytime :)


I send you a friend request on skype. So, please confirm! :)


MousePaw Media is looking for C++ and Python developers who are interested in working on unusual, cutting-edge libraries, tools, and games.

Current Projects

Here's a look at a few of our current projects:

PawLIB 1.1: High-performance, memory efficient containers and utilities for the C++ language. We're expanding our testing library (Goldilocks), improving and expanding our data structures (Flex), making message output a delight again (IOChannel), and building a tool for streamlining the design of CLI interfaces (Blueshell).

Right now, we're working on iterators for the Flex data structures, adding a new high-performance, doubly-linked list implementation, and building our collection of sorting algorithms.

Omission is a game written in Python 3. It currently uses the Kivy GUI toolkit, but needs to be re-implemented in Qt5 (PySide2).

DiamondQuest is a brand new Python 3 game, which will use the Qt5 (PySide2) GUI toolkit. We're especially needing someone with pixel-art skills to create the retro-style graphics.

Ratscript: A brand new language which seeks to combine an innovative, obvious syntax with a powerful combination of paradigms. Ratscript is being designed specifically for the next generation of game development. Takes cues from Python and Rust, among others.

Anari: A vector-based animation engine implemented in C++, allowing for memory-efficient interactive animations to be deployed onto old and new hardware alike.

Infiltrator is an upcoming Python 3 party game. We have an earlier version implemented in C++, but we want to recreate it in Python3 and Qt5 (PySide2).

Our Stack

  • C++14 (C++17 proposed)
  • Compilers: Clang and GCC
  • CMake
  • Python 3
  • Qt 5/PySide 2
  • CPGF
  • Eigen
  • Git
  • Phabricator

Getting Involved

See something you like? Jump right in! We have a robust development platform, centered around a carefully-honed Phabricator instance.

For more information, visit mousepawmedia.com/opensource or contact developers (at) mousepawmedia (dot) com. You can also ask questions and join the discussion us on the Lobby chatroom on our Phabricator.


This is a request for volunteer assistance, though not necessarily open source volunteer assistance. It's mostly directed at anyone with a connection to Uber / Lift / Etc:

I volunteer regularly at a volunteer center which has a senior transportation program which organizes free (volunteer driven) rides for low income seniors who can no longer drive but need to get to doctors appointments and stuff.

There is a huge need for this service in our community (way more demand then supply), and there are similar volunteer programs around the country.

I'm helping them upgrade their entirely paper based management system to "some kind of better one" (undecided at this point), which very likely will make use of technology in some way (probably a filemaker app or a firebase app).

It would be awesome though, if one of the crowd sourced ride sharing / hailing companies took it upon themselves to support volunteer use cases. Our program has almost no funding, so a paid service is out of the question, but if we could use a ride sharing / hailing platform's coordination software for free, to coordinate rides for low income seniors, that would be a huge win for us, for seniors, for volunteers, and programs like us. It would also be clearly within the transportation driven mission of whatever corporation sponsored the project, and it would be a huge PR win for the corporation.

It's also just the right thing to do.

Anyway, this is just a long shot idea, but please reply to this message if you're someone who's interested in learning more / making this happen. I'm about to step out, so any replies will probably be delayed on my part.


Here's a command line Rummy game that needs work separating the presentation layer.


There are a couple of massive enhancements I'm looking for help with once that's done, I'd like to implement Curses views for the game turns and add online multiplayer with sockets.

Once this has been cleaned up a bit, I'd like to use the framework to make some more card games too.

If anyone is interested in working on this, please let me know.


In the spirit of Hacktoberfest, my How Many Days Until Halloween? project from 2017 has been stripped down and is ready for contri-boo-tions.

Beginner friendly! Open to all skill levels. Contributions are welcome.

The spooky fun from last year can still be seen here.


I've been working on a side project PacYam that I have a proof of concept for, but it could use a little more work.

The idea is to turn Packer templates into YAML files that can be broken down, overridden, commented in, and more. This makes using Packer much easier and modular, as you can share and include certain blocks across components and build types.

Check it out!


The ES4X the polyglot JavaScript side of Eclipse Vert.x is also open to ideas and PRs.

GitHub logo reactiverse / es4x

EcmaScript Language Support for Eclipse Vert.x


This is the EcmaScript (5.1+) language support for Eclipse Vert.x

Build Status Join the chat at https://gitter.im/es4x/Lobby


# add es4x-pm globally
npm install -g es4x-pm

Create a project:

# create a generic project
mkdir my-app
cd my-app
# init the project
es4x init
# add other dependencies
npm install @vertx/unit --save-dev
npm install @vertx/core --save-prod
# will trigger the download
# of the java dependencies
npm install

Create your index.js:

/// <reference types="@vertx/core/runtime" />
// @ts-check
  .requestHandler(function (req) {

console.log('Server listening at: http://localhost:8080/');

and your index.test.js:

import { TestSuite } from '@vertx/unit'
const suite = TestSuite.create("the_test_suite");

suite.test("my_test_case", function (context) {

I'll ( @pml0pes) volunteer to mentor anyone who would like to contribute.


MojiScript is a brand new project looking for contributors.

MojiScript is an async-first, opinionated, and functional language designed to have 100% compatibility with JavaScript engines.

MojiScript makes async easy!

We are looking for people to provide feedback/suggestions and engage in discussions to help drive the language. Provide bug reports or feature enhancements.

Why does MojiScript exist? Read this: Why async code is so damn confusing (and a how to make it easy)



LTE Cleaner - github.com/TheRedSpy15/LTECleanerFOSS

An Android cleaner! Intended to replace all those shady cleaners on the play store

Multi Go - github.com/TheRedSpy15/Multi-Go

A command line multi tool written in Go


ExcaliburJS is a open source TypeScript game engine and we are always looking for contributors, docs especially (which is a great way to learn the engine too!).

Check it out if it sounds interesting, we do have some help wanted and first time labels.



Ever wanted to make a node http client authored exclusively in Typescript. The syntax mirrors Angular 2+, or in other words uses decorators to declare classes as mount points and routes. The focus of this project is to help serve and offer prerendering for SPA apps not limited to Angular. I love Vue and React just as much. The codebase is very very strict about documentation. If you don't document with TSDoc it's not going in, that's the rule.

The project is in its infancy and is largely a play project but if you want to play too, check it out. Plate


This is my first time participating in #hacktoberfest and I'm so excited about it. I'm great with React ecosystems and was hoping you guys could introduce some react open source project for me to work on. Cheers


When making a game for a project, I found out that using images in SDL2 isn't hard but isn't trivial either. I decided to create a C++ wrapper around SDL2_Texture that takes care of some of the heavy lifting to offer a better experience.

You can see more in the README.md section of the repository: github.com/Noah11012/sdl-image-wra...

Libpixmap had its first version release last week and I'm looking to continue improving the library especially in the performance area (not that its slow or something) and documentation.

If you would like to take a look: github.com/Noah11012/libpixmap

If ever wanted to use Rust's Result type in C++ then Result for C++ has you covered. Right now, not all methods are implemented and because of the language difference between the two, not everything maps perfectly.

If you want to help the project: github.com/Noah11012/result-for-cpp


Hello everyone,

uuid is a Universal Unique Identifiers implementation in Rust Language. Currently in the 0.7.x iteration, we are slowly working on pushing it across the 1.0. We are looking for contributors to help us during the month of October.

uuid is a well-structured project, so it can also be used a beginner project to learn Rust, as you contribute to it.

For Hacktoberfest period we have issues tagged with hacktoberfest label (found at github.com/uuid-rs/uuid/issues?q=l...).

We have a gitter channel where you can get in touch with Dylan (@Dylan-DPC), Ashley (@KodrAus) or Hunar (me, @kinggoesgaming ).



Looking for people to provide feedback on A TypeScript based React Native Starter Kit written by me.

It has been built with React Native Navigation + Redux + Eslint to build iOS / Android apps using TypeScript

Who is this for?

Someone looking to jumpstart building apps using RN and loves TS. The base setup has been taken care of, just npm install and get going.

Disclaimer: This is an opinionated approach to building apps with RN. The project structure is inspired by multiple production apps built by the contributors.

The project uses and encourages to use industry best practices / tools / libraries like RNN, redux, eslint, separation of concern and structure to build a maintainable app.


My project Magnetissimo (2.1K stars) needs some contributors and it's an excellent way to dip your toes into Elixir and Phoenix work with proper real-world architecture.

Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database.



How you can contribute. Open an issue with a torrent site you'd like to write a crawler for and I'll open a skeleton PR with the blanks for you to fill in. You can use the existing rarbg crawler as an example.

Join us and bring torrent searching back to your PC. Self-hosted!


I want to release a new version of my static blog generator in November or something. Possible tasks that need to be done anyway (however, if I need to do them myself, it'll be years...):

  • Integrate a search functionality via index files, ElasticSearch or something.
  • Split the main file (src/blogcpp.cpp) into more smaller files for easier maintenance. (Optimum: Integrate as much as possible into src/helpers.h without breaking that file's portability.)
  • Integrate libautoupdate for automatic update checks - sometimes I release new versions, you know? :-)
  • If comments are enabled, the supported comment systems offer a way to show how many comments were made under an article. Implement that for each of them.
  • Check if meson could replace CMake easily. If it does, do it.
  • Improve the Markdown parser: it lacks support for underlined headlines and non-standard features like GitHub's tables.

If nobody helps me, the next version will be released without any of those improvements. ;-)

Also, there is still the sufficiently popular ymarks project. It could need more testers. And probably some work on the server part because it is said to crash sometimes - I can't safely reproduce that...


We are building the strictest python linter ever!
We have just released the first public version of it.

wemake-services / wemake-python-styleguide

The most opinionated linter ever


wemake.services Build Status Build status Coverage PyPI version Documentation Status Dependencies Status

Welcome to the most opinionated linter ever.

wemake-python-styleguide is actually a flake8 plugin with some other plugins as dependencies.

The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters
Beautiful is better than ugly
Explicit is better than implicit
Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than complicated.
Flat is better than nested.
Sparse is better than dense.
Readability counts.
Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.
Although practicality beats purity.
Errors should never pass silently.
Unless explicitly silenced.
In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.
There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.
Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you're Dutch.
Now is better than never.
Although never is often better than *right* now.
If the implementation is hard to explain, it's a bad idea.
If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a

And there's so much work to do!
Our current goal is to lint async code.
You can find out more about Hactoberfest tasks here: github.com/wemake-services/wemake-...

Any contribution is welcome! Any required help and guidance will be provided.
Feel free to ask any question you have in the project's issues.
Happy hacking!


We have two repos at dev.to that are currently getting focus from us.

Main app:

thepracticaldev / dev.to

Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow


DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

The Human Layer of the Stack

ruby version rails version Travis Status for thepracticaldev/dev.to

Welcome to the dev.to codebase. We are so excited to have you. With your help, we can build out DEV to be more stable and better serve our community.

What is dev.to?

dev.to (or just DEV) is a platform where software developers write articles, take part in discussions, and build their professional profiles. We value supportive and constructive dialogue in the pursuit of great code and career growth for all members. The ecosystem spans from beginner to advanced developers, and all are welcome to find their place within our community. ❤️

Table of Contents

This is a Rails app. If you're unsure where to contribute, check out the CodeClimate issues for code that needs cleaning. Refactoring is always welcome.

Another area that is always ripe for contribution are Liquid Tags, which are the commands that allow rich embeds in DEV posts. We are always looking for new embeds or improvements on existing ones. We have several frontend features that need work, like the search results page, search autocomplete, and other things. If you want to contribute to a feature like this, reply to this comment and we'll give you some guidance.

The app generalization effort is also a good longterm project for folks. We want people to be able to freely use this platform for different types of communities, but there is work to be done.

The iOS app:

thepracticaldev / DEV-ios

DEV Community iOS App

Build Status GitHub License Language


This is the repo for the dev.to iOS app. It is still a work in progress, but getting there!

Design ethose

We will grow to include more native code over time, but for now we are taking the approach of native shell/web views. This approach lost favor early in iOS days, but I believe it is a very valid approach these days. It is inspired by how Basecamp does things. Our tech stack is a bit different, but the ideas are the same.





By leveraging wkwebviews as much as possible, I think we can make this all pretty awesome and sync up with our web dev work pretty smoothly. And where it makes sense, we can re-implement certain things fully native, or build entirely native features. Life's a journey, not a destination.


  1. Fork and clone the project.
  2. Install Carthage. If…

We are almost ready to release our iOS app, written in Swift, for beta. But there are still some bugs and code cleanups to be dealt with. It needs more eyes and work.

Happy coding!


Hey, why not adopt a Cross-Platform approach like Xamarin for example? That way you would get the native apps aswell as a common code base! :)


The app is mostly going to be a shell around the web app interfaces.

So the web app will be the common codebase for the most part. 🙂

So then my question is why not build a PWA instead of mobile apps? :b

We have PWA for Android and it works pretty well. The problem right now with Apple is that some fundamental features are lacking. It's really frustrating.

Our iOS PWA will be available when if/when Apple supports it properly.


Any plans for native android? or there's no apparent demand for it yet...


Hi Ben, Its a great opportunity. I would love to contribute. I am full-stack developer with 2+ years experience (rails-javascript).


Awesome! 💯

I'll just leave this here for junior devs who want to understand how to start contributing by opening pull requests.


Here's an invoicing/pm tool for the command line: github.com/sarcoma/Invoicing

I'm looking for help refactoring and making improvements.

If anyone is interested I've added a couple of issues I'd like help with.


Hey folks 🙌

I am working on new features of my WordPress Theme Directory approved theme viz. Sandalwood. I need help regarding Customizer API from collaborators, who can contribute from it's GitHub repo on following URL:

ihtishamzahoor / sandalwood

Built for WordPress Theme Directory. Sandalwood is a modern blog theme which provides an easy way for individuals and organizations to create a catching presence online.


Sandalwood is a modern blog theme which provides an easy way for individuals and organizations to create a catching presence online. Sandalwood comes with beautifully crafted sections to engage the audience and includes features like flexible-header, custom-background, custom-logo, custom-menu, featured-images and more.

Features via Customizer Opitions

  • Site Icon displays as logo in top-right corner
  • Sidebar with "no sidebar (default)" and "right" options
  • Header Image with Title & Subtitle options on front page
  • Header background color
  • Header text color

Featured Images

  • Provided as an option for Posts and Pages

Widgetized Areas

  • Sidebar

Sandalwood License

Sandalwood WordPress Theme, Copyright 2018 Ihtisham Zahoor Sandalwood is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


Sandalwood is based on following third-party resources:

Screenshot Images


It would mean a lot for me and would give me confidence to keep contributing to open source, if you guys could have a look and help me improve it.

Thank you! #Peace ✌️


I am looking to setup CI/CD for an OS project. For example you might have cat-generator for npm that doesn't get automated testing on PR or deployments :( That's just not good enough!! Reply back to me and I'll get your cat generator continuously delivered via Azure Devops!


You can contribute themes for Everest, a REST client that I'm building. All you need is CSS!

I'm planning to ship the best ones with the next release of Everest!

You can find more details here: Build a theme for Everest with just CSS!

RohitAwate / Everest

A beautiful, cross-platform REST client.


Everest (formerly RESTaurant) is an upcoming REST API testing client written in JavaFX.

home Everest running on Windows 10.

Why Everest?

  • Everest is written in Java. Thus, it is significantly lighter on resources and more responsive than its Electron-based alternatives like Postman. It aims to provide the same level of functionality in a lighter, native but equally slick package.

  • Aesthetic is very important. With a gorgeous, flat design, Everest is a pleasure to look at and to work with. It is also entirely theme-able.

    I want you to want to use it!

  • Being a Java application, Everest is inherently cross-platform. It will run anywhere there's a JVM.

  • Everest will offer cloud synchronization of your projects powered by Summit. It will be available as a cloud service early next year or you may also choose to self-host it.

Live Features 🔥

All of the most common


Could you share what tool you used to make your demo videos? (And a maybe a short blurb on your process) I like them - user-images.githubusercontent.com/...


I use ScreenToGif. It's open-source, lightweight and comes with lots of options to customise your recording. It can directly output GIFs. The only downside is that it's Windows-only.


This looks like an interesting project, also because I use Postman extensively, but the making a theme with just CSS sounds intriguing.
I'll be looking into it in the coming days.


Rocketsam - an AWS CLI which have unique features that are lacking in current options available in the market, to name a few:

  • template per resource
  • caching functions and deploying only changes
  • code sharing between lambda functions
  • smart outputs fetching and caching


A scroll component with the aim of making scrolling in a webpage easier. Looking to improve the API, while providing better docs. Labels have been marked with #Hacktoberfest !


Documents: cvpm.autoai.org/
GitHub: github.com/unarxiv/cvpm

中文介绍(Chinese Intro): zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/45672318

CVPM (Computer Vision Package Manager) is an open source software to help developers download, install and run computer vision services. It is the 'pip' for computer vision.

Though it is still in a very early stage and not recommend for use in production (actually, I do not recommend you to try it now because it may contain unknown bugs), We'd like to invite adorable developers to join us. We have a roadmap draft as below:

Complete the test cases and docs.

Complete the Model Hub. (Prototype is at hub.autoai.org)

Complete packages for some classic tasks as "Official Repo"

Complete third party package upload.

As an open source software, I am really sorry that we cannot promise you anything. But the following is what I can do:

We will have an Authors List for all the contributors.

There will be logo banner and donors page at the bottom of our Model Hub for sponsors.

If you are interested, please contact me at xiaozhe.yaoi@gmail.com, or you can post a GitHub Issues.


Hi fellow-devs,

UBports (ubports.com/) is the foundation that develops Ubuntu Touch, an alternative mobile OS to the current most popular operating systems on the market.
We are a group of volunteers and passionate people across the world, offering a unique, secure and privacy friendly mobile experience.

To achieve this we need your help, from low-level devs to app devs. Please check : github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch



Muxer, an open-source events aggregator build using React and Python. Welcomes everyone to contribute this #hacktoberfest

There are a range of labeled issues with #hacktoberfest for both React and Flask; we also welcome new ideas and contributions of all sizes.


Still looking for contributors/adopters for the TypeScript-based tree transformation framework socko-api, its implementation as a configuration management tool socko and its base library js-hierarchy. Please check it out. I'm looking forward to other uses you may find for it and your suggestions.


Kind regards


Looking for contributors:
Goodwork, is a simple project management and collaboration tool for all kind of teams. It is open source and MIT See License licensed and self-hosted. A demo is available also at goodworkfor.life

Its still under development. Hopefully version 1 will be released by the end of the year.

Built with Laravel, VueJS, Tailwindcss and other stuff.

Looking for help by coding,testing or general discussion on product features.


I have a lot of open source projects that could use some documentation improvements or better tests. These are great for folks that are new to open source and I am happy to mentor folks through the PR process.

An example is this repository...

kylegalbraith / newsletter-automation

An AWS Lambda function that runs on a CRON schedule to grab content from a Google Sheet and generate a new MailChimp campaign. Read the detailed blog post here -> https://dev.to/kylegalbraith/automating-my-newsletter-generation-with-mailchimp-google-sheets-and-aws-lambda-1n11


An AWS Lambda function that runs on a CRON schedule to grab content from a Google Sheet and generate a new MailChimp campaign.

Getting Started

  1. You must create a g-auth.json file and add it to the src of this project next to serverless.yml. Instructions on how to create this authentication file for Google Sheets can be found here.
  2. Update serverless.yml with the appropriate environment variables.
  googleSheetId: <your-google-sheet-id>
  mailChimpKey: <your-mailchimp-api-key>
  mailchimpListId: <your-mailchimp-unique-list-id>
  1. Run npm install from the command line.
  2. Run serverless deploy from the command line.


Naturally, I've got a great project for new contributors for #hacktoberfest. If you know any programming language at all, you can start contributing.

Sample Programs in Every Language (73 stars, 29 forks) is a project that launched back in March of 2018, so it's relatively new. We're looking for people who know obscure, esoteric, and machine languages to start sharing their knowledge with the repo.

TheRenegadeCoder / sample-programs

Sample Programs in Every Programming Language

Sample Programs in Every Language

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/TheRenegadeCoder/sample-programs

Welcome to the Sample Programs in Every Language repository! What began as a simple 100 Days of Code challenge has expanded into a fun project Within this repository, you'll find a growing collection of simple programs in just about every programming language to date.

Learn More

Originally, I had planned to have an article written for every code snippet in this repository However, in the interest of growing this collection, I removed the pull request merge article requirement As a result, not every code snippet in the repository has an associated article, yet.

Of course, we're adding articles every day, and we're tracking our article progress under the issues tab Feel free to request your favorites from there, and we'll try to move them up the queue. If you can't wait, consider writing the article yourself. Prospective authors can find directions in the contributing doc

If code snippets aren't your thing, perhaps you'd be interested in helping us automate our wiki using Python.

TheRenegadeCoder / sample-programs-wiki-generator

A wiki generation solution for Sample Programs

The Sample Programs Wiki Generator

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/TheRenegadeCoder/sample-programs-wiki-generator

Currently, the Sample Programs Wiki Generator repo houses the generate-wiki.py script which we use in the Sample Programs repository to generate our wiki documentation. The script is automated by a Travis CI build in the Sample Programs repo.

If you would like to propose a change, feel free to leverage the issues tab or make a pull request.

How It Works

The generate_wiki.py script works by analyzing the information in the Sample Programs repository and storing that information in objects. These objects are then used to generate various wiki pages in Markdown.

What is Automated

Currently, the script generates 27 pages: 1 alphabet catalog and 26 alphabet pages.

The alphabet catalog contains a table with links to each alphabet page as well as meta data like the number of scripts and languages per letter. In addition, the alphabet catalog contains the total number of scripts…

As always, we need authors as well to help write several articles. Check out our current milestones for more information.


crowdAI is Fighting for Open Science with Open Data. We run data science challenges where you can help a NGO, give something to important research or just learn the way programmers always have: by reading other's code.

We're always looking for Rails devs to give us a hand, and if that's not you, then we are always open to feature requests, via our GitHub repo.

Want a free crowdAI sticker? Just ask us.


I'm currently working on what I believe is the first native Mastodon client for macOS. There are a few other desktop clients, but they're all Javascript/Electron based. If you are a Swift and/or Objc developer who wants to build a Mastodon client with Appkit on macOS, let me know!


You might find some other projects here:

And elsewhere using the #hacktoberfest tag.

If anyone wants to create posts dedicated to their own projects in addition to posting here, you are welcome to. Everything goes in this regard. 🙂


OK I'm greatly passionate about web frameworks and android so I'd greatly love to start contributing.

I also made a simple app launcher thats open for contributions found here Its not perfect I know.

I'd really appreciate


as I'm tryna beef up my resume also and grow my programming skills


The app I made is live on google play if you need a quick demo of what it does. get it here


We're looking for contributors in github.com/zxing-js <3


Hey just wondering if anyone in here knows of any open source Laravel projects going on ?? Thanks again !


jdon framework is a java CQRS DDD framework


GitHub-KeyGen is my tool to make safe configuration of OpenSSH to push on GitHub. Also allows to use easily multiple GitHub accounts.


Datadrop DB is a lightweight Key Value database in csharpdotnet,it has options for persistence and encryption

check it out


See the Visual Studio Code Settings Sync. You can always improve the readme and Public Wiki.

See the details here:


Hi, missed the comment. Just fork the repo see what you think, and create a PR if there is anything that you think can be improved.


Hi all, KafkaJS a modern Apache Kafka client for node.js