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Discussion on: Beginning Vim

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Learning vim is a hard but rewarding challenge :) Glad to see you manage to overcome the first hurdle!
As you are comfortable with the basics, I recommend having a look at this answer here. You might have understood this already, but I recommend everyone that uses vim to have a look at this to make sure they understand the essence of how to be productive using vim. It also contains some good examples. It definitely helped me a lot to get motivated in the beginning :)

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Aadesh Shrestha Author

Thanks Jorin for this recommendation. It would be very helpful for me. Could you also take a look at my .vimrc file on github and recommend what more should I be adding on that ?

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I think configuration is something really individual and you have to find out what works well for you.
I try to keep my configuration minimal and only add things I understand.

You chose a nice plugin manager with vim-plug. You can also tell it to only load packages for certain languages to speed up loading, like this:

 Plug '', { 'for': 'go', 'do': 'nvim +GoInstallBinaries +qall' }

If you feel comfortable with the features you use and like to learn something new, I recommend having a look at the :terminal feature that comes with Vim 8 and also NeoVim.

Keyboard shortcut mappings are one of the most subjective topics. Personally I prefer mapping unused key combos instead of using <Leader>, but you have to find out what works best for you.
You can have a look at my configuration if you search for some inspiration.

In terms of plugins my favorites are fugitive + gitgutter for Git and surround, commentary and unimpaired for great new shortcuts/functionality that I use every day. But better don't start using them all at once :)

Also remember that you can always lookup help:
What does this plugin do? :h fugitive
What is this shortcut? :h K