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re: Okay, I used a Jekyll template and now I'm a bit overwhelmed I have to admit. Yes, I just moved to CLoudFlare yesterday... I ran Netlify without an...
  1. No worries, I wouldn't say the site is SLOW to load for me.
  2. Hmm, I'd still expect CloudFlare to be faster than this. Perhaps it's to do with the server location, the site I was looking at for reference is hosted in/near London (UK) and being viewed in London. I'm not sure what your set up is. It's not scientific but I was seeing sub 50ms times for similarly sized images on my reference site, compared to >400-500ms times for images on I don't know if it makes a difference betwen JPG (what I'm using) vs WebP, but I would have thought WebP should be faster.

I've used Gimp to convert the JPEP files to WebP and they considerably shrunk in size. I also used 80% quality, and they are relatively small-sized now I think (around 18 - 30kb? Have to work right now, can check later on ;)) :-)

I don't think I explained my point properly. I was looking at a 36KB JPG image that loads in ~60ms on my site, versus even an 11KB WebP image on that takes ~500ms to load. So a smaller file size image takes longer to load for me on your site.

I'd expect some difference just by having the server closer to the user, but ~450ms seems a lot.

I've literally just Googled this to educate myself a little more and found an article by Cloudflare ( which seems to suggest that server location would have quite an impact.

Either way, your site loads acceptably fast. I can't see any advertised differences between Cloudflare's free and pro plans that would affect the speed. So other things like Pawel listed are going to be your best bet. My hosting suggestion can be an often overlooked quick win if you're trying to eek out the fastest load times.

Oh, I have no clue. Is Netlify that slow? I've heared they host other Jekyll based websites as for instance from Vue.js.

I'm not sure however, if I probably missed something in my Jekyll installation!?

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