re: Does your team write code tests for front-end code? VIEW POST


Yes! I try to push for very high levels of coverage on state management, state selectors, etc. Unit testing in this manner is a really good sense of security and lets us refactor without fear. Component testing is a little more lax, but the core functions must still testable - make sure things mount, spy on dispatchers to see that they're called when you simulate clicks, etc.

It's well worth writing at least functional tests for frontend code so that you can refactor easier should you find in the future that you have some code smell.

For interviewing people, you can often find confusion about simple things in the online interview. I've recently switched to presenting frontend candidates with a CoderPad, pre-populated with an empty function and a test suite against what it should do. This highlights unit tests abilities to serve as documentation - you can easily write tests against the functional requirements of a system. Since doing so, candidates have had an easier time understanding what should happen, even with a language barrier.

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