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Discussion on: I Need Your Critique to Become a Better Developer!

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Jeff Puls Author

Giorgos, thank you for taking the time to look through my work!

I did not attend school or a boot camp (aside from two semesters of community college), everything I know / have done have been self-study from various resources. That's a problem I've run into with describing myself (especially on a standard resume) as I don't have relevant credentials to fall back on or show off.

Thorium is definitely my most ambitious project to date, and I absolutely misjudged how much work it was going to be to flesh out when I began haha, but I wanted to use it to get experience working with components I wouldn't otherwise think to use/design in other projects. I lost interest in it for a while as it didn't really yield the performance boost I was hoping for over other development methods, but you're right, I should continue at least polishing what I have completed.

Again, I appreciate the feedback and welcome any more you can think of!

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Giorgos Kontopoulos 👀

perhaps you can mention that you are self-taught somewhere
and you might want to mention that these are practice projects until you have real projects to showcase.