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re: Hey Juan! Glad to hear that you're looking to take up coding! :D Regarding which language to learn, that really depends on what you're looking to...

I just read your article about your first experiences as a developer, It was really good and encouraging, now that I have found a good community here at DEV I'm also really happy. Now I'm focussing more on deciding the path I'm gonna take beside the things I'm learning right now in college, so, I would really like to start engaging with some web development as a side learning. I'm currently learning java at college, What are your thoughts about this, I would really like to hear the voice of experience. Thank U!

Oooof, I have a love hate with Java (hope my boss doesn't see this 😂) don't get me wrong java is great, gets the job done and does it pretty well... But can be a bit 'iffy' at times. Get your knowledge and understanding of java up and the other languages will be much easier for you to learn. I started off with Java and then moved on to C# and beyond and I came out okay 😂

Hilarious 🤣, I'm enjoying java for the moment, it's good advice to master one language first and then moving on, appreciate all your help!! Best regards

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