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re: Hi Rus! Nice post, I'm a newbie at coding, I'd like to know which language do you recommend to learn how to code? Can it be Java or I can choose an...

Hey Juan!

Glad to hear that you're looking to take up coding! :D Regarding which language to learn, that really depends on what you're looking to use the language for? Making a website and an operating system will require you to know and understand two completely different languages so I can't say learn x over y, or z over both if you catch my drift!

Have a read of this post I wrote a couple of days back, hopefully it will give you some of the guidelines of what to focus on once you've selected your craft!


Thanks for the post and always happy to chat :)


I just read your article about your first experiences as a developer, It was really good and encouraging, now that I have found a good community here at DEV I'm also really happy. Now I'm focussing more on deciding the path I'm gonna take beside the things I'm learning right now in college, so, I would really like to start engaging with some web development as a side learning. I'm currently learning java at college, What are your thoughts about this, I would really like to hear the voice of experience. Thank U!

Oooof, I have a love hate with Java (hope my boss doesn't see this 😂) don't get me wrong java is great, gets the job done and does it pretty well... But can be a bit 'iffy' at times. Get your knowledge and understanding of java up and the other languages will be much easier for you to learn. I started off with Java and then moved on to C# and beyond and I came out okay 😂

Hilarious 🤣, I'm enjoying java for the moment, it's good advice to master one language first and then moving on, appreciate all your help!! Best regards

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