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Thanks for offering to write this guides. I used to be in game development doing graphics engine stuff but rarely got an opportunity to do gameplay. Do you have much experience in gameplay mechanics?

I think there are way too many Unity and Unreal tutorials that show off their engine features. It would be nice to know more about design and mechanics because you can always look up engine features but not game mechanics.

There are also many tutorials about engine development but not many game architecture. How do different pieces fit together, how to make a working pipeline for art assets into real time usable assets, etc.

If you ever want to collaborate too, I would be interested : )


Thanks for the feedback! I got my start in graphics/engine development but have since moved to focus on programming gameplay; I really enjoy it!

I agree. I want to focus on gameplay mechanics first and then discuss why one might want to use an engine feature to accomplish the goal.

I'll definitely keep you in mind for collaboration opportunities! I may make a game open source on GitHub in the near future.

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