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re: Why wouldn't the argument "we are complex, we must have been created", apply to a complex God? It's a strange presupposition that God doesn't need ...

The question presupposes that God was created. Can it be proved he was created? No. Neither can it be proved he always existed.

These two possibilities require faith to believe in, but only one of them is correct. Each one is logically exclusive of the other.

I believe in the eternal existence of God; meaning he was not created.

The origination of the 'always existed' idea, was around the time of Moses, around 5000 years ago as read in Genius 1, and then confirmed multiple times by other authors in the bible. Jesus himself confirmed it again 3000 years later in John 8:58.

That's fine, I mean, obviously I don't believe it God, but I'm not contending with that argument here. I'm contending with the position that we are too complex to have evolved. If you believe that God is complex, then the argument that we couldn't have evolved, or that the universe couldn't come from nothing is hypocritical. Because that's what you already believe about God.

We are too complex to have evolved? Proof?

We are too complex to not have evolved? Proof?

Neither can be proved, but only one is correct.

If God is complex, then we must have evolved? Proof?
If God is complex, then we must have been created? Proof?

Both are illogical assertions.

What does God being complex have anything to do with the two questions above? Nothing.

I'm not asserting any if those things, and you are making my point for me... Asserting that we are too complex and God must have created us is illogical. That is the only claim I am making here.

You never answer my questions. What does being complex have to do with the theory of evolution?

Nothing. It has nothing to do with evolution. It has everything to do with the theist claim of irreducible complexity though, which is the only point I'm making.

If it has nothing to do with evolution then it must have been created.

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