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Discussion on: What I Learned From Bombing My Technical Interview

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Jason • Edited

I would recommend also asking some questions. Apparently the majority of candidates never have questions. It can be:
Questions about the company:

  • On your website you have X products that are being sold, how will this role help facilitate that?

Questions about the role:

  • Your looking to fill the role of {{role}}. What is the most important quality you look for in a person performing this role?

Questions about the interviewer (if they have provided their background via linkedIn or github)

  • I see that in your previous position you did application X. What kinda architecture did you use?

Remember you can take notes and write down the questions they ask.

What is a something (ex. delagate)? if you don't know it, learn about it afterwards, next time you'll know. In the mean time say 'unfortunately I don't know what that is. can you explain how it is used it in this company?' Maybe their explanation will cause you to say 'Hey I was presented with that same problem, here is how I solved it' Why is something better?