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Kevin Mas Ruiz Author

Hi Michael! thanks for the question!

Not necessarily, it depends on the size of your user segmentation. You might want a product for a bigger more abstract segmentation if you prioritise quantity of traffic instead of quality.
For example, in classifieds, you usually have just a single search webpage for everyone because quantity of traffic is your most valuable source of income (advertisement). In this post, the example is the registration form.

There are some situations when you prefer quality traffic and a more seamless user experience. For example, again in classifieds, you can have a product for luxury real estate with a different user experience to generate a different type of income from that user segment. In this post, for example, you have two checkouts, the normal one and the fast one.

It is a matter of tradeoffs, you should always consider at least business opportunities (probability of change), business maturity (platform stability) and business boundaries (team performance).