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Docker, or containerization, is one of these things that no one really cared about ten years ago. But now... damn I couldn't survive one dev day without it. All the hassles of working with different projects, simply gone. Let alone setting up different PHP versions correctly, which is a huge pain without having Docker containers.


Nobody cared about containerisation ten years ago, because it didn't exist ten years ago. :-)


Yes, but in 2008 you couldn't do anything with it, only kernel developers were hacking with it. It was in 2014 when LXC 1.0 was finished and cgroups coming to the kernel that paved the way for Docker.


"10 years" was not meant to specify the exact date when Docker was released, but in a more broader manner for container-solutions.

There were no mentionable container-solutions before Docker. All we had was VMs. Well, there were jails in FreeBSD and zones in Solaris, and I guess z/OS also had a very enterprisey solution, but none of them were useful for developers.

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