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Discussion on: What about TypeScript?

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Kyle Griffin

In my experience, I have been preached Typescript by those who depend on it. For some, it is the perfect answer to a lot of inherent modern JS issues that they cannot go back. And that's a problem because it's the same thing as jQuery developers who defend it to their last dying breath. We would end up with more divide in the webdev community, with everyone thinking their way is the only way to code JS.
I've been handed .ts files and I can't read it. I was faulted for not being able to, when I just don't have enough time and motive to learn TypeScript until I need to. So it brought the project to a crawl and the TypeScript devs were so adamant about using it that they would rather potentially screw up a 6-figure project just out of principle. And that's a big problem.

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Slick3gz Author

Good points. Something I hadn’t even considered. Thank you for your insight.