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Dear Michael,

for the love of god stop eating so much candy!
Go to the gym, believe me, you will love it when you 30!

After you finish your computer science degree, don't go to any company.

Just go straight into freelancing!

Start a youtube channel and be active on social media
and give more talks!

Besides that, it will be great!


i have been freelancing for several years and loved it, now finishing a CS degree and planning to join a local company because lot of social and family pressure .. not sure how to deal with it .


I don't know where you from and what your cultural background is.

I can just speak for myself.

I had the same problem. "You need to get a real job", "You need to earn money now" and so on.

But now I think I should have listened to my gut feeling and stayed on the freelancing route.

It will be hard in the beginning but if you really put the work in it will be so much more fun and the money then will come!

Hey! I did do freelance for a while and felt that I'm hitting a certain mental block. Like I couldn't build applications according to standards or not with proper flow. How did you dealt with that?


Ugh, that health advice is a punch in the gut for me (pun intended 🙃). Definitely paying for both of those bad decisions now.


I paid for it for 2 years of not eating any candy or sweet stuff!

I went down from 120 Kilogram to 70!

I was back then doing sports every day!

Today I'm back around 83 kilos but with muscles :D

It is never too late to start!

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