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Hi, I tried to post this already, but maybe it didn't go through? I have some background in web design, but am not working in tech currently. I recently decided to get more serious about app development, specifically doing a few Udemy courses on Flutter. I'm learning a lot and love it so far, but I feel like working alone I'm missing out on some important things like learning to communicate about coding, network, collaborate and other related real-world skills. I've also found it surprisingly hard to find discussion communities, especially ones that are friendly to beginners, so I'm happy to meet you all!


Same thing happened with me😅
Will have to rewrite everything once again.


Hi Laura! Glad to see I’m not the only person having difficulties with the posting going through— nice to meet you, and as a fellow beginner, looking forward to chatting about code in the future!


Hey Laura,

The same thing happened with my post! I had to rewrite it for some reason, but I totally understand what you mean about it being lonely sometimes. I would feel lost on where to start with learning new stuff and feel like I don’t have any one who can help. Hopefully we’ll both find that here!


Hi Asha— hard agree with looking for community when learning something new. If I can be a resource for you at all, I’m here! 🤓


Hi Laura, welcome to DEV! Yes - it can be hard to work alone for sure; DEV is great for that - good community to be apart of :) Good luck as you continue learning about Flutter!


Flutter community is going to raise very high soon..

I hope so! It feels a little risky to concentrate on, but it seems to have a lot of potential.


Hi Laura, Welcome to Dev. I'm also a web designer who just discovered this wonderful community. I hope we will all learn a lot here :)

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