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Discussion on: If your programming language were a Pokemon, which would it be?

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Nicholas ―M― • Edited

JS = Sivally


For the people who stopped enjoying life in 2002: Sivally is a chimera Pokemon that can change its type based on the item you equip to it, making it adaptable to different needs. ( ) It is based on the legendary Pokemon Arceus ( ),who has the same type-changing-via-an-item ability. (The metaphor I’m going with here is the variety of frameworks and how the language can be adapted depending on the size and needs of the project, as well as turning into coffee script, typescript, used as middleware, etc). While Sivally will never be as strong or have as good stats or move pool as Arceus (“not a ‘real’ language!!!!”), it is still incredibly powerful and easier to obtain in the games (just as there appears to be quite a plethora of great resources for learning JS, more so than other strictly typed languages).

Also, like JS, Silvally evolves from its prior form, Type:Null, through friendship. JS is a lot more enjoyable to work with if you take the time to learn how it works (or doesn’t work, usually), rather than making annoying hot takes on Twitter.