If your programming language were a Pokemon, which would it be?

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JS = Mimikkyu because it just wants you to love it please. Please. Pls.

Also, when you remove its little costume, it's a hot mess and will probably kill you.

yikes mimikkyu

Came here hoping to see Mimikkyu, was not disappointed!

I'm not really familiar with the non-original Pokemon, but I think that proliferation component is especially apt for JS

CSS would be Eevee. A single pokemon that, when raised right, can become so many different diverse and powerful evolutions. Each Eevee evolution is basically Eevee with a different stylesheet.

Good example of this? CSS Zen Garden. One site, yet it takes SO MANY amazing forms with the right CSS.

I might get some fire for this but...

Java = Magikarp?

He's common. Sometimes he just flops. If you raise him right, he can be very powerful and tear you a new one.


accurate but...would that make kotlin gyrados?

I am not too familiar with Kotlin, but after searching for it and glancing at a high level, I would say so.


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Swift is Charmander.

It's still young, and learning a lot.. but there's a lot of potential and power.

Ruby is Squirtle

A reliable Pokemon to start with, generalist without overly complicated attacks.

Might evolve to Blastoise with a lot of care, but look out for leaks!

The current state of front-end development

Python be would be Mewtwo. A powerful, take no shit kind of language that once people started using it became ubiquitous in so many high level applications.

Python is Mewtwo

TypeScript = Rayquaza: Strong, robust, isn't malicious but doesn't like to be bothered; gets really mad when bothered.

Javascript: Mr Mime

  • Not that great until it copies the best bits of other languages Mr Mime

PHP: Pidgey

  • Its everywhere so you will probably end up using it at some point in your adventure career


Basic: Tangela

  • looks like spaghetti


C: Farfetch'd

  • has no automatic garbage collector so 'leeks' everywhere


MySQL: Jigglypuff

  • Looks nice enough but will send you to sleep


Im in the subway reading it and im sure now people think im a pokemon heavy player instead a developer haha

Js = pikachu, nobody ever said it will be like that, nobody believed tha would be one of strogest pokemons, and a mainstream one either haha

Not everybody likes Pika, either. But a TON of people do.

That's what confuses me, how can someone not like Pika or JS or both🤔😲

JS's silent failures are probably a big part of it -- especially if said failure halts all JS execution.

I like JS myself, but I have experienced that issue.

Can’t believe no one already suggested this...

JS = Giratina


Lots of people claim it’s the devil (6 legs, 6 ribs, 6 wing spikes... 666?)

But, it’s just a super powerful antimatter Pokémon that is not known to evolve from or to anything else. It just has two forms: ES5 and ES6+

SQL = Diglett just because this is unseen part of any modern application and that's where this Pokémon lives.


JS = Sivally


For the people who stopped enjoying life in 2002: Sivally is a chimera Pokemon that can change its type based on the item you equip to it, making it adaptable to different needs. (m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/... ) It is based on the legendary Pokemon Arceus (m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/... ),who has the same type-changing-via-an-item ability. (The metaphor I’m going with here is the variety of frameworks and how the language can be adapted depending on the size and needs of the project, as well as turning into coffee script, typescript, used as middleware, etc). While Sivally will never be as strong or have as good stats or move pool as Arceus (“not a ‘real’ language!!!!”), it is still incredibly powerful and easier to obtain in the games (just as there appears to be quite a plethora of great resources for learning JS, more so than other strictly typed languages).

Also, like JS, Silvally evolves from its prior form, Type:Null, through friendship. JS is a lot more enjoyable to work with if you take the time to learn how it works (or doesn’t work, usually), rather than making annoying hot takes on Twitter.

I'm honestly going to go out on a limb and say that C is Eevee, while the many different C-like languages (C#, C++, Objective-C) are the evolutions.

In C#'s case, it would be Espeon. Nice, friendly, elegant, and comes from a lot of hard work and friendship that mostly takes place during the daytime since most who use it do so at their daily job.

C++ would probably be Umbreon, quite technical, can outclass C# in a number of ways, and your friendship with it most likely develops during the night when you're training yourself in it, whether at uni or as a hobby.

Objective-C would be Sylveon. While mostly cute, it's still appealing, can use many of C's features as-is, and its power comes from the love that went into making the language what it is.

Scala is Ditto. It can look/be like any other language (type inference, dynamic typing, FP, OOP, DSLs, macros, implicits, embedded XML...).


X++ is like Trasala. Very weak at the beginning when you don't know how to get around and with early versions, but very powerful once you are comfortable with it and constantly evolving right now.

Trasala => Galagladi

Go = Lugia


Powerful, legendary, can fly, can save you from the evil.

Sorry folks,

Here I am and I have no idea what Pokemon is, in any form.

Reading through the posts kinda getting up to speed with what Pokemon has to offer

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