What tools are in your toolbox?

Lemuel Ogbunude on July 13, 2018

What tools do you use? Appart from programming languages, the next set of items in our toolbox are usually productivity tools, stuff that helps u... [Read Full]
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To make my workday awesome, I cannot lack the following tools:

  • Git, of course, for version control
  • Postman for API testing
  • Using PyCharm for my python code, not Sublime Text or Vim because I like it
  • Robotframework/RIDE to run my test cases
  • Notebook and pen is the best way to manage my schedule And...Spotify to made my workday complete.

Nice list!

I would add few of my daily drivers to this list:


Vim is essential to me, both to quickly edit files and config files and to manipulate large sets of data.

I use pure CLI-vim whenver I'm in a terminal, and IdeaVim with my Jetbrains IDE.


To host my open source projects!

I like to host my open source projects on an open source application, which is why I use it instead of github or bitbucket.


Postman lets me quickly test API's and perform web requests, which reduces the time spent to find bugs by a lot!

My usual workflow is monitoring the network tab of my browser, finding the one I wish to reproduce, copy it as curl request and import it in postman.

I can then easily change the variables, headers or content to see if it breaks the api or causes a bug somewhere!

It doesn't replace Curl, but it does make a majority of the job easier!


Nice one Antony, thanks. At first site, Vim looked daunting to me, but with time the commands get clearer.


sublime text
vscode (only recently, and it's great but it's missing a few things I've come to love sublime for)
bash (amazing for API testing with curl)
heavy use of the terminal, which covers most things

  • zsh
  • git
  • sublime at home, vscode at work (not that I like it...)
  • wakatime (so I can track how productive I'm)
  • clang
  • gcc
  • openocd
  • avrdude
  • picocom or putty if I'm using windows.

Thanks, Igor! I didn't know about Wakatime, seems like a good tool :)

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