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re: Choosing a programming language for bloody Beginners VIEW POST


A Little detail-oriented for a new programmer. Perhaps after they have their first program they can focus on typing, compilation etc.


Do you think that the post is to hard to understand or are there just too much details in it?


Kinda depends on the individual beginner. In my early days as a complete noob (right now I'm upgraded to only being a partial noob...) I would have loved that article. Because it is full of really useful terms and any of the stuff I didn't understand I would look up ASAP. But I definitely could see a lot of complete beginners being overwhelmed with the depth of details if they haven't even written "hello world" yet...


I think it was useful, Not sure that a pure total beginner would get it all but its both introductory and a reference and at leasts points to things you'll want to look up down the road. Love this type of stuff!


I understand it, but as someone that helps businesses with people that are new to subjects I thought it was a bit too much at once for beginners that have never coded and don't know where to start.

Perhaps interspersing examples would break it up a bit more? Perhaps less things people can worry about later, such as compiling vs interpreted (IMO everyone should start interpreted because they then don't need to learn about compiler flags, and build-systems nuance).

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