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Privet, dev mates!I'm Paul from cold Siberia (cuttently living in Kiev, Ukraine).

I'm working as full-time python backend developer since Jan, 2018. I'm kind od switcher: before full-time coding I worked as head of marketing. (BTW now I can hating all marketing things with PRO-level).

My Python path was started in 2015, when friend - Java EE developer recomends me try Python, when I was 'crying' on his shoulder about why I can't work properly with JS (my God, this semicolons(;) broke all my passion to coding).

So 3 years later I'm proud to be Python dev, who have minor experience in Erlang and Go. Now I have bootcamp as fullstack dev aaaand... They told me ES6 already have no semicolons (much of time). Damn))

So why I'm here? I want to come my passion to JavaScript back, because it stops all of my progress. I guess I have kind of "mental block" for JS. Hope you, guys, can help me there

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