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Build a social network app with ReactJS, Spring Boot and MongoDB

I have developed a small social network web app for educational purpose and want to share this with the community. This app is built with ReactJS for frontend, Java Spring Boot for backend and MongoDB as the database.

The app tries to mimic a few functions of Twitter, including:

  • Create post with text and image
  • The number of characters in each post is limited to 200 characters
  • Like, comment and re-post a post
  • View the number of likes, comments and shares of a post
  • Comments are toggle
  • The number of character in each comment is limited to 100 characters
  • Follow, un-follow someone
  • See who are following us and follow them back
  • Check who we are following
  • View all posts of an individual
  • View our own posts
  • List all user accounts in the entire social network (due to the number of users are still small, I did not develop search user function)

Other functions:

  • Due to limited storage space, client app compresses the uploaded image to the maximum of 250px (width or height)
  • User avatar is created by hashing user id and convert that hash code into a hexagonal image
  • Authentication and authorization use JWT
  • Responsive frontend for desktop and mobile devices

Technical stack:

  • Frontend: ReactJS, Redux Toolkit, React Router, React Bootstrap
  • Backend: Java Spring Boot
  • Database: MongoDB

If this project is useful for you , please give me a Github star ⭐ for my effort!

Source Code:

Live Demo:

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