How to setup Full Disk Encryption on a secondary HDD in Linux

Víctor Adrián on January 25, 2018

Let’s say that you get a brand new 2TB/4TB/8TB/XXTB HDD, and you want to use it as a safe backup device. That means you want to encrypt everythin... [Read Full]
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For security it's better to write the disk with /dev/urandom as with zeroing it can be recoverable, at least HDDs in which the bit retains partially the orientation.


You are right, but I wanted to provide a compromise between security and time spent formatting the drive.

You can use /dev/urandom but need to be prepared to spent ~3 days waiting for the drive to be filled with random bits.


That's true, but its always worthy leaving a brick when resigning hahahahaha


A little off topic, I know but how did you set a fb:image meta for your post?


Er... I don't know? I just uploaded it and then set it as cover_image in the front matter list for this article.

Does that answer your question?


It actually does, thank you. I was unaware of this variable.

No problem, glad to be of help! :)


Any tips on choosing a secure passphrase?


Yes, of course, there is a XKCD for that!


Basically, don't trouble yourself with something hard to remember like this:


You should pick something easy to remember with multiple words like:

hey, you won't be able to guess this one even if you try, don't you agree?

... or something like that. :)

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