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Discussion on: Restructure with ease thanks to Typescript path mappings

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Why do you care about it? It's automatically done by vs code.
Also you may get issues if you will try to convert your code into the library.

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Stephen Cooper Author

While vs code can update your files, in my personal experience, it has not been 100% reliable in updating all my imports.

An additional benefit of the imports not changing with a refactor is that your pull requests will be much cleaner. In Github, for example, a file can then be reported as 'Moved with no file changes' which makes life a lot easier for your reviewer.

As for converting to library code I have actually seen that path mappings can be used positively. Say you have some shared code under your /app/common folder, you could setup a path mapping to it with the name @my-lib. This would enable you to refer to it like it was a real npm package. Then when you do extract the code into a separate package you just have to remove the path mapping and everything will just work with no updates to the rest of your code. Predicting the library name will be your biggest challenge here!

Would be interested to know what issues you are referring to in case I have missed something?