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My name is Lorenzo Pasqualis. I started writing software in 1984. Over the years I used many languages, technologies, and tools. I have been in leadership positions, in different capacities, since the early 2000s. At the moment I am the Senior Director of Engineering at DreamBox Learning, a company that creates software to revolutionize the way the world learns.

Today I spend much of my time focused on the art of hiring, managing and leading engineering teams, and helping the teams architect scalable and quality solutions. In the process, I am exposed to many learning opportunities, through direct observations in the field, making and correcting mistakes, and interacting and observing people I meet and work with.

And… yes… I still code too. Coding is a passion that will never die, and staying close to the technology makes me a better leader of technologists. In the last few years, I worked with Java, Ruby, C/C++.

In my free time, I write on a blog called CoderHood dedicated to the human dimension of software engineering.

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