Welcome Thread - v1

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Welcome to dev.to! 👋


Our last welcome thread was pretty successful, and it's grown a bit long. Let's get this going again!

Please introduce yourself to the community! You can start by sharing your favorite programming languages, what you're interested in learning next, or your latest and greatest side project. No rules, just make yourself at home! 😀

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! ✌️

Also, here's a random question to get you started: what's a non-dev thing you're doing lately?


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Hello friends!

Looking forward to be part of this community! I'm kinda new in programming world, all I know is that one day i want to earn for living with my programming skills. Node.js is my focus for now and I'm loving it!

I'm from Croatia and English is not my native language. I want to improve my writing skills and i think this is good place for that! So when you see mistake in my text please tell me so i can fix it and learn from it! :D

Also if you have some advice regarding Node.js i would love to hear it!

Have a nice day you wonderful humans :)


Welcome! Definitely follow the node tag 🙂


Hello devs!
To be frank, I have to say that i haven't been programming seriously for quite a long time already.
Couple of years ago I was diving in scientific computing with fortran, matlab and CAE software. But that was something like 3 years ago.
Now I'm doing VBA time to time, bit of Python... But I'm trying to develop my skills and would like to get some fresh air and new infos. That's why I'm here!:)


Certainly the place for learning. Welcome!


Hello Devs!

I'm sorta new(ish). About me? Well I'm a little weird, very tall, I make a lot of ridiculous things in both hardware and software. As for development I'm a software developer, working in Java and C# mainly. I also have interests in web development.

Enjoy your stay :D


Hello devs!

I have a love/hate relationship with ruby and an interest in go.

Current side project is containerizing all the things.

My non-dev activities lately is exploring my passion for making and art.


I know what you mean about Ruby. It's such a great language yet still can't do everything I want it to do. I just want to write everything in Ruby, but that's not really possible.


Hi devs,

I'm happy to be here and hope to get some new ideas and refresh some old ideas. I'm a softwareengineer and I love rules. So it's not a surprise that I'm very interested in patterns and how they work and techniques to get around the nasty problems. Most of the time I write PHP. I love it for the possibility to get a result really fast without much programming overhead and I hate it for the same reason. PHP makes me understand the sentence "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!" :D
I also had the chance to work in a 3-year-Java project, which was really fun. In my education at the univerity of applied science in Aachen (Germany) I wrote Python, C# and C++ as well and as a Web-Developer I have some experience with javascript, css and HTML (yeah, I know it's not a programming language :P )

When I'm not at the computer I play guitar in a band or read books, papers, articles or whatever comes to my eyes.


The band's called "Pedicle Screw". The music is a heavy rock- / metal- kind of thing. But it's a relatively new Band. We're working currently on our 6th song :D and we had two Gigs so far. But there's more coming...


Welcome! Congrats on graduating.

I'm no expert at all, but I once had to choose between learning iOS and web development. I ended up with web development mostly by chance, but I think the lesson I've learned (so far) is that it doesn't matter too much. What really matters is that you learn programming by doing one of them.

Of course maybe take my advice with a grain of salt since I don't know any iOS development. Maybe @kimberlypilbeam can shed some light?


👋🏽 everyone! I'm Parwinder from Chicago! Developer (everything web). Eagerly waiting for the day I convince myself to switch to Observables (from Promises).

When I'm not coding, I'm usually spending time with my 🐶 or binge watching something on Netflix!


@ben Thanks. Is there a thread to report bugs on the site?

This GitHub issues section is the best place for now github.com/thepracticaldev/dev.to/...


Hello devs!

Another web developer here, working in a small spanish company. I'm just learning Android development, and enjoying it a lot. As side projects, I maintain a friend's web and I'm starting with my future apps list.

I'm planning to post here something about starting side projects and building mobile apps, so if you're interested in reading that send me a message you I'll have more pressure and I'll have write it sooner :)

As non-dev interests, I have been reading a lot about minimalism, and trying to become more minimalist in my life in general. And starting to think about becoming vegetarian.. but important changes come better one at a time.

Keep writing so great dev posts!


I'm a vegan and can attest to the minimalist lifestyle it offers. It really limits my choices, and counter-intuitively makes me think more creatively about my food choices. That in turn makes me feel more free, interestingly enough.

Also looking forward to your Android dev posts. :)


Looking forward to your Android mobile development post!


Okay, I'll notify you when I'm done :)


Hi! I'm a full-stack developer who recently started writing articles. I thought I'd cross-post them here so they can help more people. Last week I also launched my own JavaScript course, Step Up Your JS: a Comprehensive Guide to Intermediate JavaScript.

I use JavaScript daily and love writing about concepts that I know well. Good to meet everyone.


Hi everyone. I'm currently doing web development with Python/Django. In the past, I also did PHP (still love it). I'm also interested in web deployment, like Heroku and currently researching into deployment mechanism that we can use in house, like Flynn and Convox.

what's a non-dev thing you're doing lately?

I want to write novel or short story, but never got pass the first paragraph :D


Oh, I've also been working remotely in the past 7 years, so it also among the topic of my interest ;)


What's your novel going to be about?


I want to write on sci-fi and fantasy in Malay (my mother tongue) which I think still a niche. Not much good story I've found yet in this genre. So far what I have in mind is about life on mars, slap on with some politic to touch on issue with corruption, which a very sensitive issue locally and using mars as a background, allow me more freedom in tinkering with the issue.


Hey fellow devs!

I've been hanging out on The Practical Dev (dev.to? Ben, what are you calling this?!) more and more lately. These days I work as a web developer and hack on ASP.NET, C#, and JavaScript. I like working on front-end web stuff mostly. I've only been doing this for about three years, and I've already written my first blog on here. I hope to get more of my experiences as I grow as a developer on here.

These days, I'm getting ready for a second kid.


Yeah, we're going to figure out this naming convention soon enough... 😓

I hear that!
It's easy to get burnt out with any technology- I was the opposite. Started learning web, found iOS and migrated towards that.

Personally, there's a lot of exciting things going on in mobile with Ar and Vr and Internet of Things, that it keeps it interesting! Mobile kind of has been encapsulating everything that doesn't fit everywhere else.

But any technology you learn will not be wasted. And agree that the principles and concepts are what's important starting out 😊😊


Hi guys,

I am Friday GodswIll Uche From Nigeria. Web dev using Python, and PHP. Interested in VUE and React! also an ML enthusiast.

what's a non-dev thing I'm doing lately?

I began following soccer. Yay Manchester United!!


Hi everyone, my name's Ben, and I enjoy doing database design and development (mostly Oracle SQL). I'm interested in learning more about Oracle databases, such as admin and performance.
A non-dev thing I'm doing lately? I've taken up karate and have been training for about 4 months!
Happy to be here!


Hello fellow devs,

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm currently an Android dev in a small software house. I recently came across this site after flipping through Flipboard app and found a good read in this site. I have to say that I am surprised at the ongoing community in the site so decided to join.

I've been writing code for only about 3-4 years after graduating, mostly stuff about frontend (using JS frameworks) and now switching to Android (Kotlin yay!).

Going forward, I believe the future is machine learning. I have a rather ambitious plan to learn and become a full-stack dev one day, while at the same time getting caught up with studying AI in my freetime. My plan is to do a side project like a mobile app that involves some sort of machine-learning data processing backend. I hope I can share and contribute something to the site as I go on about the project. In the meantime, looking forward to more interesting reads from the site :)


I haven't. Will definitely check it out! Thanks!


Welcome and good luck!


Hey devs & geeks,
Great to be the part of this awesome community.

I'm a web developer( I don't know that still as a student I can use this word among so many experienced devs ). I love to explore new technologies in the software world. I also have a good knowledge of Android App development. I like to learn programming languages, so far I have learned C, C++, Java, js, HTML/CSS, C#, Python( not an expert in all but confident in C++ and Python). I learn them so that there will be no barrier between me and any new technologies.
I'm also familiar web tools & technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, Django and have plans to try React, Gatsby, flask etc.

I also have plans to learn AI/ML in coming months as I'm really fascinated by the innovations in this field.
Many seniors and developers have advised me to stick to single technology but I really I can't stop myself from learning them(that's why I'm also worried about my career).
But I have decided that web development will always be my priority and will also contribute to the community in same.
One would be asking me that how I managed to learn so many technologies, my answer is my time management and period( total is 10 hrs/day).
Any words of advice are welcomed.


Welcome! I think it's great to have a thirst for learning whatever you can. My experience has been that I learn what I want, until my job needs me to learn something (which isn't a bad thing at all, simply a matter of priority).

I am glad I have some deeper knowledge of a language and framework though. It's helped me think less about basic knowledge of the language/framework, and focus more on mastery.


It's been a year since I've posted this and lot has changed since then. I decided to shift my complete focus on web development and haven't touched the AI/ML till now as it's too much fun to learn web development itself and there is a lot of learning here. And concepts like WASM fascinates me a lot.

And thanks @andy for such a great advice, I've followed the same and applied it in my open-source journey and I'm happy to say that I'm currently doing a good open source internship(Google Summer of Code) with a wonderful open source organization, Zulip where I've learned many new technologies if it's required to complete any task/project.

Dev.to is a great community and I've learned a lot from here especially about how to improve workflow and best practices. Glad that I'm a part of such an awesome community and in future, I would definitely share my knowledge here.


Welcome, devs!

To answer the question, I've been reading a lot of children's/young adult fiction lately, and it's really great. There's a lot of creative writing that is sometimes missed in books geared toward adults.

As for dev stuff, I've been learning about tests with RSpec and Capybara lately. Pretty annoying, but a necessary good... Also, I've taken an interest in React Native and Android dev. Might be doing more of that later on.


I'm at that stage too, Young Adult books are still my favorite.
They don't suck the fun out of reading, lol.

I also love some of the books my daughters picked up - If you have young readers in your life, or even just for kicks, I suggest "The Pigeon" books by Mo Willems, grade A. I have a weakness for sassy pigeons.


Sassy pigeons? Yes, definitely going to take a trip back to the library for that.

I just finished reading Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. It's a really fun book in a he-said-she-said format, that just takes you back to middle school (in a good way, or at least as-good-as-middle-school-gets way). I read it with my partner and definitely recommend it as a book to read together.


Hello Everyone!

Looking forward to being a part of this community and being able to get feedback and become a more knowledgeable developer. I've coded off and on for a bit now, but over the past 6 months or so I have tried to put more of an effort into this craft.

I am currently trying to learn React and try and become efficient in that.

A non-dev thing that I've been truly committed to lately is getting back in the gym.



Hello, devs!

I am still in the fledgeling stage of being a web dev. I have large gaps in my knowledge but I also have lots of enthusiasm for learning so hopefully they will be patched up soon. My eventual goal is to get a job as a junior web developer.

Meanwhile, I am having ridiculous amounts of fun with coding. Is this what a passion is? I think this is mine!

It's lovely to meet all of you!


Hi Devs!!\
Winston here!!
New to coding .....trying my hand on python for now
Material Engineer by profession, bassist by passion, Christian 24/7 #TeamJesus
Hoping to dive into Quants for finance soooo GOPython!


Hey, besides spending weekdays doing Ruby and some Elixir, I spend my weekends building forts with my daughter and eating.

With a degree in philosophy and no formal training in CS, I am interested in arts, social and cultural aspects of technology.

Has been a long journey since my first program in a TI 99/4A, I will like to share, learn and get more involved in the community.


G'day all.

Web developer here, working on SaaS products mainly. > 10 experience.

Non-dev stuff to mention would be that I'm a musician (guitarist) of > 30 years. There's a strong correlation between learning music and CS IMO.

Enjoying this site. Keep up the good work!


Hello all.

By day I'm a "full stack" developer in Belgium working mainly with .NET and AngularJs.

At night I like to read a lot and have multiple side projects mostly in JavaScript.
I try to blog about the problems and solutions I encounter during my side projects.



I mostly do Python and Node, but learning Go now, and interested in Haskell. I started with PHP but haven't touched it in... I don't even know how long. Been a "Web Developer" for 10+ years, but for the past few years I've gotten to say "Software Engineer" instead, which is super cool.

I'm self-taught, like many. Currently have a sweet remote position with O'Reilly Media. Before that I worked on meh.com, and similar sites, for a company called Mediocre.

When not working I'm doing boring stuff like watching TV or playing games on my iPad or cleaning my house or booping my cats and dogs. I don't have any non-code personal projects.

I end up following links to this site a lot, so figured I should actually create an account. Good material here.


We are very supportive of cat booping in this community. 🐱


Hello devs!!

really excited to be among developers. all the way from Nigeria, i am currently developing my skills in web dev with javascript. i've done some embedded programming in C, and played with Java. on the side, i'm doing game dev with Unity and C#.

my next interest is machine learning. i play guitar too.


Hello guys !

I'm a French developper working in Paris. I'm currently working on JS technologies.

I have been working on the Back end for a while with Graphql / Rest API, auth servers, microservices and database managment, On the Front end side, I work with ReactJs mainly and Vuejs from time to time.

I have been working with the StorybookJS team to bring VueJs support to storybook, so I hope I'll be able to share some knowledge about it and my JS experience.

I really love travelling, coding and cooking and would love to find some way to combine thoses passions together :D

I'm learning Ocaml and Golang right now, I hope I'll find people to share and learn with :)



Hello, devs!

We are a team of no-code developers and designers that have recently launched Zeroqode.com

Zeroqode is a platform for all things no-code (templates, courses, backends, web2native etc.). We are the #1 no-code app template publisher that created a number of beautiful and functional app templates. Among them are: AirBNB clone, Uber Clone, Trello Clone, Slack Clone, Booking & Appointment template, Product Hunt Clone, LinkedIn Clone and many others.

So now if you want to launch an app you can use your developer genius more on architecture and plan rather than writing thousands of line of code. You can still use it if you want to but in most cases, it's no longer an absolute requirement  
Building apps without code is easier, faster and a lot more fun!

Have a nice day and happy building!


Hello Devs!

I'm happy to discover and join to Dev!
I'm full stack developer. I live in Turkey.


Welcome, fellow dev! :) How'd you discover us?


Thanks! I saw at Hacker News site. Someone shared an article :)


Hello Devs!
I have a web development company, lately my job has been more managing resources than coding, but with that in mindand I am aiming to improve our training methods, by including better testing, would love to learn more about it!


Bonjour ami(e)s developers !

I'm a dev from France, I'm also an entrepreneur and I just created a "Software Workshop" (kinda like a consulting company) called Ryfacto (ryfacto.fr).

I have 8 years of experience and I'm constantly learning new stuff and the articles here are very helpful in this sense !

I have a lot of experience in iOS development (Swift & Obj-C).

Currently I'm revising classic books in the field (Mythical Man Month, Clean Code, Refactoring, etc) as well as leveling up in React (JS + Native), .NET Core, automation on Azure.

I really care about my craft and am a TDDer & eXtreme Programmer.

Beside programming, I love playing Zelda & Mario and board games with my friends !

I wish everyone happy learning & fun with programming (and other stuff 😉).