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Discussion on: The beauty of Functional Programming

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Really nice post, Fanny!

The most cool thing about learning FP, in my opinion, is that it makes you a better developer as a hole, even when programming using other paradigms. Composition, avoiding state mutations, writing small and efective functions will all help you avoid common pitfalls when coding.

There's a cool article from Paul Graham, a famous entrepreneur and programmer, that he talks about the importance of LISP, the first FP language, in his startup years ago.

I would advise you to practice such skills using a "more functional" programming language, it's a nice exercise. There are three that I like: ReasonML (blends well with React), F# (being .NET is a pro, and it's really good when modeling a domain) and Clojure (super bright community, and made by some awesome developers. Used by Nubank).