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Discussion on: Share your portfolio if you want feedback! (CLOSED)

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Ryan D. Lewis

I'm not really a web developer by trade, so I would appreciate any feedback! Been slowly iterating on this guy for awhile.

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Madza Author • Edited
  • Move your image from the top to the available space right to your description and increase the image size after that.
  • If you do #1, add the introduction text above the Navigation, like Hi, I'm Ryan or smth. Make sure the font size is big enough, as it would be your main title.
  • Are you sure you want to use that dark green? If you like green, make try out lighter shades, it will look much cleaner that way.
  • Use 2 column layout for posts, where there is the title is on top and then the image in the first and the description on the other.
  • Add images also when the Posts section is being opened.
  • The projects section looks good if you prefer lists.
  • Position the links horizontally to use the available space on the desktop view.
  • Make the content of the footer bigger, currently, it's too tiny.