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Discussion on: Answer this question about meetings for the chance to appear on the DevDiscuss podcast!

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Luke Westby
  1. Always have a goal to accomplish and make sure everyone understands it beforehand.
  2. End the meeting 5-10 minutes before the nearest half-hour. Gives people a chance to take a short break before the next thing.
  3. Before adjourning, write down any decisions that the group made and any next steps that people need to do. Make sure each of those next steps is clearly owned by one person and has an expected timeframe.
  4. At a more macro level: if you suspect that a meeting might not be serving your team well something you may be able to try is to simply stop holding the meeting. You can trust your team to find ways to fulfill the needs that the meeting was intended to meet in the way that is best for them, and if you end up having a new meeting anyway there's a good chance that it will be more focused and better understood.