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Sunrise Movement website team. Elm core contributor. elm-conf organizing team alumnus.

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#showdevGoogle workers will join the Sep 20 Climate Strike

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#showdevAmazon and Microsoft workers will join the Global Climate Strike

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#watercoolerHow much data do I need to have Big Data?

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Talk: When and how to use Web Components with Elm

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#discussDo you have a morning routine?

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#discussWhat’s something that should be obvious that developers seem to misunderstand?

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#discussHow do you stay focused when everything sucks?

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#discussDiscuss: Why do developers equate popularity with success for OSS projects?

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Ellie Weekly Update 2017-10-28

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#discussWhat do you build to learn a new language or style?

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Ellie Weekly Update 2017-10-14

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Why Ellie Will Not Support Multiple Files

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