List for the History of a Mystery Illness

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O The Mindset differences among STEM workers and software engineers
O The MonsterZero in IT, stem, arts, k work, even society at large
O M0 is a social contagion
O M0 robs sufferers of their higher cognitive skills
O M0 sufferers do not connect up knowledge into maps
0 M0 sufferers are not aware that there is much anything wrong with them (anosognosia)
O M0 do not see the bigger picture
O M0 do not ask Why or How
O M0 are not mindful or aware of much
O M0 communication is often based on arguments to sustain tension and spread the contagion
O 80% of society is infected

O around 130 million STEM workers alive. popularising mapping could level up the economy!
O ai research indicated other skills needed to free minds and work their mindset into mapping - 50 metalearning skills
O meditation is a superskill for mappers
O M0 sufferers have arguments to sustain their background stress levels this loop causes it to be self sustaining
O dopamine theory of M0
O stress reduction and prevention medications appear in research
O dopamine is an anticipation molecule
O dopamine is not a pleasure molecule
O anticipation of what is expected of you is shut off during flow
O flow is a replicable phenomenon
O without stress flow activation can be learned
O Ming discovers the main predictors of mapping as skills that can be developed!
O DMS STRIATUM and DLS size changes due to stress, both support different approaches to problem solving
O Aha!M0 is stress!
O mbsr relieves stress, increases mindfulness, increases the chances of insights
O breathe meditation creates the cyclic hrv and changes physiology to exit stress
O human meta-learning skills are mapper skills
O divergent thinking and insights
O M0 removes the larger picture and longer term goals from consciousness
O connectivity between knowledge packets form k maps
O real time VR neurofeedback INCREASES the speed of developing meta-learning skills from months to days

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