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Lol what you just did at the end of your writing (adding links to your blog) is actually Marketing (or not).

But more seriously, as someone currently graduating in Marketing and coding a lot, I feel your struggle. Marketing as you have experienced it is hard, and that is exactly the same as with coding. The reason why it become hard is that people (specially beginners in these fields) like to think there are some kind of "magical stick" or "magical formula" to approach it. But let me tell you that it is (almost incredibly) "easy-to-approach" and "self-rewarding" when you think of it as a giant opportunity for impacting someone else life positively. Marketing at its essence is just about finding out how people would use/interact with a product and delivering exactly on what they expect. But at first you have to feel yourself comfortable with your own product. Let me explain:

You worked very hard for an app/tool/website (content), now you have to let people know how great it is (marketing as it sounds). But it has not to be complicated, what you just created or spent a lot of time coding is pretty new and is like a baby. You wouldn't show it (or market, I dislike this word FWIW) to people you don't know or a yet-to-convince audience because you fear their premature judgement, which is normal and appropriate. Alright the feedback you need is from people you already know even if these might not be your primary audience/target. But you know what, that was the first step of the stairs which is better than deciding not to climb at all. You'll certainly gained confidence with time and find it easier to introduce your creation to people you're not very familiar with which can be hard and challenging at the same time. The hard part is trying to "market" a crappy "content", the challenging part is making people discover a (new) way to solve their problem, like it's time to get out of your comfort zone. And again as with coding, that is a process that never ends.

IMO that process only doesn't have nothing to do with Marketing, it literally is everyday life. Making something is good but improving it is better. How do you improve it? Let people know about it. Alright the only secret here is people, I guess and learned that's what that barbaric word "Marketing" is all about.

PS: Good Luck with Standard Notes, Sounds really cool!


Great advice, thank you.

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