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Discussion on: Is it okay for not English people to open a blog written in English?

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Marco Manieri

However, I prefer to read English material since I consider it to be more accurate and updated

Italian here and I do very much confirm that Italian often "sounds" wrong for technical matters.

Probably we are so used to English terminology that "proper" Italian terms sounds rather ugly those few times we read it on the web...

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Ben Lovy

Huh, that's interesting - so it's not the content, it's the language itself that's off-putting in this context. Do you think it has to do with the fact that programming langauges use English keywords? Or is it more about newer, awkward loanwords for technical concepts?

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Marco Manieri

More the second. And rather historically on my opinion.

Some words just haven't just been translated at all (bit, byte). Other countries have been more actively enforcing use of translations (i.e. octet is used in OS French localizations, we use byte)

With time legit Italian words just become "ankward", or too "academic" for the masses.

It's a long time I don't read or hear "elaboratore" or "calcolatore" for computer.

Then probably it just become more efficient to use single terms to convoy ever newer concepts that would require "an entire phrase" missing "better Italian jargon" (i.e "deploy")