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re: Thank you so much for all of that, it was really helpful! I haven't looked at things like Dribble or Behance, so I will look into that. I totally a...

That really depends on the company. Some like the idea of putting in extra effort and a display of knowledge about things that aren't necessarily directly needed for the job. Other companies have a laser focus on the end result and want see people pick tools that enable them to get the best results.

I'm personally always impressed when people coded their own thing. I build my own site with a static page generator and designed it myself which takes a ton of time. Anyone who has built a website or personal portfolio and used some code will understand how much effort you put into it. (That doesn't mean that building a website visually is easier though! It just faster because you don't have to learn how to code).

Oh ya for sure taking the time to code your own website is a lot more time consuming but you get a lot of credit for doing so. I would love to see your site if you don't mind sharing.

Last time I touched it is a long time ago, it definitely needs work 😂

It's imanidap.nl!

Can only agree with everything @maniflames said. I've just today relaunched my personal website (loilo.de) because I'm in the process of relocating and therefore will need a new job.

I took job search as a motivation to get a fresh look out to my site and decided to present some of my Open Source projects there. Part of it of course is presenting myself to potential employers I'm applying for, but at least the same amount is pure personal satisfaction coming from presenting my own projects in a nice visual way. If you have the time to spare, you may want to try it out for that reason alone. 🙂

I just checked out your website and it's amazing! A big part of it is for jobs and to show off myself, but I am looking forward to just playing around with creating a website to design it how I want it to look and represent me. I am looking to do this in my spare time as a for fun type of thing so I am excited to see what I can do.

Thanks! Show off your site here on DEV when it's done, I'd love to see it 😁

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