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hey Imani! Personally my approach is mostly: research the crap out of it 😄

I’ve found it also helps a lot to write/teach about what you learned (even if it’s just your assumption of how you understood it). It puts you into a position where you likely don’t want to get it wrong, while at the same time, it’s okay to get it wrong. And maybe someone points you to right direction.

Bonus points: create a POC based on what you’re learning or trying to understand.

I think just being in a position where you’re willing to ask (like you’re doing now) about things you don’t understand already puts you in the right path. Somestimes growth comes more from being able to ask the right questions, and less so about knowing the answers themselves (that’s what google’s for 😆)


Definitely agree, google is our best friend 😂. Sometimes it's kinda hard to ask the right questions but I guess that is a skill you improve over time. Thanks for sharing 😁

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