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Accounting student interested in technology and new data analysis tools, especially R related stuff and

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NocoDB : The Open Source Airtable Alternative

Wow I think this will be a game changer for business looking ...

April: Forem Twitch Events Roundup 👾

Forem website is down.

TailwindCSS: Adds complexity, does nothing.

I wasn't expecting a tweetstorm cause this post.

Free illustrations resources for the web - Make your next project cooler!😎

Love unDraw illustration :D

The Rise of Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Many people complain about Electron being slow and a RAM ea...

How To Write A Kick-Ass Technical Resume

Didn't know about CV Compiler. Great advises.

10 free-but-professional tools for your dev projects

Now you can use private repos on Github ;)

📈 What is the size of community we could expect in a year?

We are a lot, those are the estimated monthly visitor (not ...

Is it just me or is Microsoft really crushing it lately?

It's amazing how Microsoft went from being one of the most ... | A community for designer is now Open Source, so anyone can start a designer.t...

Why did you pick the avatar you use?

Well, that's how I look like when I solve a problem that I ...

Thank You for Making the DEV Community Magical

Looks like.

What is HTTP/3 ?

You can get a good result using photomosh (Jitter effect) a...

This Article is Hard to Read

Wow, never knew about it before.

Which programming language is better R, Scala or Python?

Is it possible to use R in production for a web app like yo... is now open source

That's something awesome

The codebase will go open-source on August 8

Love it ✨