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Great piece, Marko! CI/CD is one of the most powerful things to work on and to get right. But to get it right is really hard.

What I also experience is the difficulty in getting the implementation of CI/CD well known within the organization. I am one of the few who do maintain our pipelines and understand how to work on it. So, writing and documenting the implementation of CI/CD is good for future employees and people who never worked on it.

I like the usage of the twenty minutes rule. It also forces you to keep changes small, and let the process of delivery be short.

Would there be a manual check in a Continuous Deployment process? We always do a last check before going to production.


Thank you!

Technically if you have a manual check it’s not “Continuous Deployment” but if it goes fast it doesn’t make much of a difference in my view.

Btw, on the difficulty that you describe, is it about getting devs to collaborate on configuring the pipelines for their projects, or something else?

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